About Us

Doug and Marie are followers of their savior Jesus Christ.  Doug is a husband,  writer,  web site mechanic, and dogtor.  Marie is wife, dog-mom, and Payroll Administrator at Smoky Mountain Home Health & Hospice in Newport TN.

Blondie Bear, my 90# sweet-face baby girl.

We live on a mountainside in the Great Smoky Mountains region of East Tennessee with a 90 pound  pit bull: Blondie Bear, who helps us herd beagles: Josephine, Buddy, and Callie (who is actually a pit bull, but she identifies as a beagle) ; along with a rotating assortment of foster dogs who come here from regional shelters and Steele Away Home – Canine Foster and Rescue for healing and training.

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The Beagle Bunch

a Doxi-Beagle

Buddy Beagle the really-truly Beagle

Callie Roo the
Beagle wannabe