My truck died this evening. It’s been running fine. At least it has since the last time I had it towed in and repaired.  That’s been a few weeks.  I moved it so I could mow the driveway (yes, I mow my driveway) and when I went to move it back it started up, started […]

For a Peek Inside

This tale was written years ago, filed, lost, found, lost again,  recovered again, and now posted here. For friends and relatives who often jump to conclusions, this is ancient history: I am not sick. The small pick-up truck hurled along the winding, bumpy mountain highway, the tighter turns and bumpiest spots elicited increased groaning from […]

This Was My Locky Day

Today I took Mom to a doctor’s appointment in the Big City.  This building has 2 handicapped parking spaces just outside the main door to the parking lot – which is nice.  But they are not sized like handicapped spots: they’re just regular parking places with the blue and white wheelchair emblem painted on.  The one […]

The Baldface Encounter

I killed a big Baldface hornet’s nest Wednesday evening.  It was just inches outside our play yard fence in a forsythia bush and was hidden from view until I trimmed the branches out of the fencing.  I deliberated on this killing.  I don’t kill just to kill.  They’d been there a while and have not […]

Dodging a Bullet

Yes, I admit it:  I am sometimes gullible (aka: stupid).  Maybe “over-trusting” but I should know better by now. An acquaintance of mine on Twitter posted an article explaining a utility he uses called FreeMind.  It’s an organizer, database, note-taker thing that seems really impressive and useful.  His computer runs on Linux exclusively.  I wondered […]