Boggled by Language Abuse

Being a writer, I take language: the meanings and flow of words, seriously.  Words have power and precise meanings.  Effective communication means using words properly.  Throwing together a mish-mash of terms or making words up by splicing improper suffixes onto a good word breeds confusion.  Even newscasters are trying to sound hyper-intelligent by tossing out […]

Discussion vs Argument

As Christians, should we have an open mind toward opposing or alternate viewpoints or close our minds and hold steadfastly to our beliefs? Can we learn anything valuable from those who disagree with us or engage us in argument? First, can we learn anything from our antagonists? Yes, we can learn what it is that […]

Social Media Advertising Can Be Spooky

I know advertisers team up with social media platforms to track users and target social media advertising to those user’s specific needs.  Many have been the times that I’ve searched for something, and for days afterward versions of what I was looking for pop up in on-site ads and in the sidebar of Facebook. One […]

Can You Have Too Much Knowledge?

I have Mitch Mitchell of ImJustSharing and his comments on a Wayback Whensday post to thank for the inspiration for this post.  We were discussing caffeine in beverages.  He asked a question about where caffeine comes from.  It was a perfectly legitimate question and related to the topic of discussion, so I answered it.  Before […]

Pride and Prejudice in Family Communications

This, Dear Reader is a tale of disaster averted.  I will use an episode in my relationship with my wife to illustrate how a little consideration before communication can avert an extended stay in the dog house.  The Old Saying for this week: “Make sure the brain is in gear before engaging the mouth.” Gender […]