Dog Portraits by Donna

Dog lover, rescuer, and artist Donna Gregg has offered to support the Julian Fund through her artworks.

When I got one of Donna’s works of art in the mail as an early Christmas present, I was astounded by her likeness of our American Bulldog mix: Cochise. It is so life-like and detailed.

Below are just a few of the dog portraits she has done:

dog portrait dog portrait dog portrait
dog portait dog portrait of Cochise
dog portrait dog portrait dog portraits

Donna can produce a portrait of you dog (or that of a friend) as well. She’ll need a clear photograph of your dog’s face to work from and can combine multiple dogs into one portrait. Donna’s fees are reasonable and if you give her the secret phrase, “Cochise sent me”, she will donate half of her fee to Steele Away Home – Canine Foster and Rescue via The Julian Fund. These portraits can be done in a variety of sizes and come matted and ready to frame.

About Donna Gregg
and her Dog Portraits

Donna maked dog portraits
Donna Gregg at a rescue adoption event.

How do I love dogs? Let me count the ways. When I was a wee tot, my drawings of dogs didn’t look like other kid’s pictures. Theirs had stick feet and round bodies, and mine actually had paws with the correct number of toes. Then I graduated to cartoons of dogs. I thought to myself, I’m on to something!

Then life happened and I became an IT geek and didn’t draw for decades. I then morphed my love of dogs with my crochet hobby, and began making caricatures of friends’ pets with yarn. The bigger the feet, the bigger the nose, the better.

Then the little light under my bushel basket said “Hey, remember me: Pencil and paper?”, and my first dog portrait happened. And then another, and then another. I love bringing pets to life on paper; a number of my pieces are memorials for pets who have passed away.

The bottom line: I love using my talents to make people happy. I hope I can bring some joy to whomever reads this.

She also does people portraits


You can get in touch with Donna Gregg through Facebook: by e-mail: