Cochise tells the tale

My posse and I welcomed a new foster dog Thursday, Nov. 3rd: Fido Steele.

FidoHe’s got the feet of an Australian Shepherd, the head of a Terrier, the body of a hound and the curly tail of a husky (except with short fur), the voice of a Beagle, the mannerisms of a greyhound, and the temperament of a sweet dog. He’s an active fellow. And conversational. We had a pretty rough night the first night trying to get him to HUSH! But that’s not unusual for a new dog: this is all new and different to him. He was doing much better by the morning of the second day than he had the previous afternoon.

At this point we know nothing about his history except that he was in the care of another foster family who do not have the room he needs to run. They thought he’d do better here.

For some reason, the Peoples always think that as soon as they let a dog who has been confined for too long loose into the big play yard, they will go nuts and run and jump in jubilation. They almost never do. Fido was no different. His first session in the yard was spent (as is usual) entirely on wandering around sniffing everything. And with four other dogs in residence, there is plenty to sniff! Then came introductions.

Blondie’s Concern for Fido

Cochise, on DST
Cochise tells the tale

Before I begin, let me remind you that Blondie Bear is scared of gunfire and thunder. When she hears these she bolts to HairyFace’s side and insists on being petted until the scariness passes.

It had been an unsettling morning. Millie went for a truck ride with HairyFace. Almost surprisingly she came back. Usually when we get that “someone is leaving” vibe, whoever goes for a ride does not come back.

When they returned from wherever they went Millie was outside for a while, then came in to her room (crate) and the rest of us took turns going out. As usual, Blondie, Tinker and I all went out as a group. We’re all best buds. Blondie often goes outside with Millie or with Fido. Sometimes they play, sometimes she tells them to back off. If they do (Millie is doing better with that) all is well. If not, Hairy steps in to back them off. Hairy is Blondie’s hero/protector.

When we came in, Hairy took Fido out. A lot of times, when it’s chilly, Fido will race out in the yard, run a couple of loops, stop to do his business, then race back to the door saying, “Let me back in where it’s warm!” But this morning, Fido chose to wander around and sniff stuff. So after a while Hairy left him to amuse himself and came back inside.

Fido and DST (Daylight Screwy Time)

Cochise, on DST
Cochise tells the tale

This past weekend the Peoples did something strange. They call it DST and messed up all their time-things so that all dogs everywhere (except Arizona and Hawaii, apparently) are deprived of their meals for an extra hour. That is SO unfair. What did we do to deserve that? My Peoples say it’s not their idea: the government makes them do it. Peoples don’t like it either. So I say if everyone hates it … just don’t do it. They’re not the boss of you.

Oh … they ARE the boss of you? I’m sorry, I thought I read that this was a government OF the Peoples, FOR the Peoples, and BY the Peoples. I guess I was wrong.

Well anyway Fido was especially unhappy about having to wait so long for breakfast and was being vocal about it. It does take a little time to learn why you cannot eat right now when your kibbles are sitting RIGHT THERE on the counter. He said, “Just give them to me!”

The rest of us understand that we have to wait for the Peoples to finish cooking their food (which sometimes takes forever) so we can all eat at the same time. NiceLady finally relented and gave him his bowl. That made him happy: he ate his breakfast and laid down in his crate.

Normally, when that is done, that dog will get fussy again when everyone else gets their dishes and is eating and he is not eating. But not Fido! Surprisingly he sat and watched and was good about it. He did whine, very softly and just a little, but did not bark, or howl, or kick his dish around the crate in protest.

Tinker left a bit of his breakfast; he almost always does, so HairyFace gave that to Fido as a reward for being so good.

After breakfast we all went outside. We do that in stages. Usually Blondie, Tinker and I (a.k.a The Big Dogs) go out together and come back together. We all get along great. Then Millie or Fido goes out alone, then the other goes out alone. Millie can go out with Blondie because they have an understanding. And because Blondie likes to be on hand in case the foster dog goes berserk and Hairy needs saving. Hey … it could happen.

This morning she also insisted on going out with Fido and Hairy.

Yesterday Hairy had Fido on a leash while Blondie was out with them. Blondie began zipping around through the garden boxes in what we call her Maze Game, and inviting Fido to come play the game too. Fido wanted to, but Hairy did not release Fido to go play so Blondie came out in the open to Fido and they played a little bit. As much as Fido could while on a leash. He wanted to run and would try to bolt off so Blondie would chase him. They seemed to get along fine and Hairy made note to let them try a play time together.

fido-blondie-playing-161107aHe did that this morning, because he had promised and because Blondie insisted. They did well: no hostility, no pressing too hard. So no red flags were thrown and they had fun until it was time for Fido to go to his pen so Hairy could get on with the rest of the morning’s chores. Hairy did promise them both a longer play time later.

Of course, with this Daylight Screwy Time (DST) thing going on, “later” means more later than it normally would … but it is what it is, so they’ll just have to be patient.

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