Assaulting A Battery

I was shopping for a replacement battery for my cell phone last night.  Not that my current battery is obviously bad: it holds a charge for 5 or 6 days easy, unless I use it a lot.  But every once in a while my phone just shuts off completely without so much as a by-yer-leave to me.  This is a problem because I’ve missed several calls from people I did want to talk to.  I don’t know it’s turned turtle unless I pull it out to check the time or something and find the screen blank.  No, I hardly ever make outgoing calls.

A friend told me that’s the battery.  The all-knowing Internet agrees.  So I was looking for a reliable replacement battery.

I noticed that all the different brands were running 3½ stars out of 5 in the reviews.  24% to 31% of the reviews were 1 star, and almost all of those were complaining about the short battery life, some saying it would not hold a charge for even one day once they’d had it for a month or so.

Then I began noticing a paragraph in the battery description of a couple brands that was pointed out to a few of the complainers.  It explains that with the new battery one MUST run the battery completely dead, then charge it completely for 3 to 5 cycles or it will shorten the battery’s life significantly.

So when my battery arrives on Friday I will be sure to deep cycle it several times to give it the best start in life that I can.

I do not recall deliberately doing this with my current battery, but since it’s 2 years old and still going strong (except for that suddenly going away thing) I may have accidentally broken it in properly.

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