Keeping Cool On July 4th

We cool our house with a small window air conditioner.  It’s actually rated to cool a single, 10 foot by 10 foot room, but it’s in our 12’ x 15’ bedroom (not counting the Master Bath and Marie’s walk-in closet) and we pull cool air out into the rest of the house with a fan that blows down the hallway toward the kitchen and living room.  One would think that this would not work at all.  But it does!

That one dinky window AC does keep our home comfortable (comfortable for US, maybe not for those accustomed to living in a meat locker) because when we built our house we prioritized strength and insulation over square footage. 

Some folks will buy the biggest house they can afford and skimp on things like energy efficiency, we went the opposite way.  We’ve got 6” thick exterior walls with 50% more insulation than a standard home.  Low-E windows, insulated shades, added insulation in the attic and under the floors, ceiling fans in every room, as well as thorough caulking and weather stripping around windows, doors, even the electrical outlets help keep us warm in winter and cool in summer.

The fan we use to move air down the hallway has been giving us trouble and Marie and I planned to make a trip to Lowe’s this afternoon for a replacement … but it didn’t quite make it that long.  It died mid-morning today.

In the summer, Blondie likes to lay in the hallway in front of this fan.  The tile floor is cool on her belly and the air blows up her back keeping her comfy-cool on the hottest of days.  She is sad now because her fan stopped blowing air.

It is not hot yet, she COULD go outside and enjoy the pleasant temps out there right now.  Or she could go into the bedroom and lay in the air conditioned comfort.  But no, she will lay in the hallway and pout because her fan died.

Well, I can’t have that, can I?  So I went over to the workshop and brushed the wood dust off the fan I use to help cool the shop in summer.  I won’t be working in there today, and we’re planning to buy a new fan this afternoon.

This is a much bulkier style of fan and is noisier than the old fan was (that fan is really quiet now), but it does move A LOT of air!

Blondie is a happy girl once again!

Happy Independence Day!  I hope you are keeping cool as well.

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