Was There A Mustang Wagon?

What could be more cool than a Mustang Sport Wagon?  Unfortunately a factory built Mustang wagon is, like the popularized vision of a unicorn, a myth.  But that does not stop some people from owning one!

Mustang WagonThe first one came about when Barney Clark; an executive with J. Walter Thompson, Ford’s advertising agency, along with designer Robert Cumberford, and car enthusiast Jim Licata, envisioned a station wagon version of the brand new Mustang.   They sent a 1965 289-powered hardtop Mustang across the Atlantic to Turin, Italy: home of Construzione Automobili Intermeccanica.   It took 11 months to build.

The trio did not pitch their idea to Ford because Ford had a Mustang wagon in design stages around the same time but scrapped the program shortly after photos of the Intermeccania car appeared in various car magazines.  Intermeccania’s creations are so good they are often mistaken for factory concepts.

For reasons unknown today, the trio did not set up production and the “Intermeccanica Mustang Wagon” became a one-off.  Sadly, that car has been lost to time and nobody knows where it is today.

mustang wagonOthers have created their own knock-offs of the Intermeccania Mustang.  Gloria Hoskiko’s white and blue Mustang Wagon is frequently seen at the Fabulous Fords Forever car shows.  It appears to mimic the design of the original.

This Mustang Wagon is not an Intermeccania car, but it is one of the nicest Mustang wagon conversions around. The wagon was made from a narrowed and sectioned 1967 Ford Country Squire roof.  The combination of the roof line and the hard top without the B pillar make this Mustang wagon look like it came from the factory.  This car got a bottom-hinged tailgate, retractable rear window, relocated fuel filler, and folding rear seats.  This car was offered on E-bay in 2010.  It was removed for not having the minimum bid met, the high bid was only in the $10,000.00 range.

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