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The furkids decided to pool their milkbones and get me a birthday present: a GoPro 7 Black video camera. This is a replacement for my aging Sony Handycam – which is my THIRD Sony Handycam and although some improvements have been made over the past decade, their main fail remains an issue. But that’s a rant for another day. Today, we’re stepping up to a GoPro!

This thing is DINKY! But that’s not to say it isn’t impressive, just that all that photographic power is packed into a petite parcel.

The manufacturer offers a plethora of mounts: it’s made to be an action camera so they make it possible to mount the camera to anything from a bicycle, to a helmet, to a surfboard, to a windshield. I have no need of most of those devices, but because it’s quite small, holding it by hand is difficult. However one of the benefits of it being small is that it can mount to a hat, or a head strap, or a chest harness to capture the action while leaving my hands free to do what I need to do as I work with the dogs.

It does have a hand grip (above) that splays out to become a small tripod, that even telescopes to be a bit more versatile. I have that. I also have a head strap that allows me to affix the camera to my forehead to make a POV (Point Of View) video. There is an example below. I’ll need to more aware of sudden head movements – or hand out Dramamine before airing my videos.

I also have a chest harness. This would be better for training sessions, as long as I remember to lean over, not just tilt my head down, so the dog stays in the shot at close range.

A suction cup window mount is inbound that will allow me to video the dogs as they ride in the truck.

One accessory you will NOT catch me using is a selfie-stick. I’ll leave the narcissism to those young YouTube moguls.

It’s going to take me a while to learn all the controls and features that this thing offers (including voice control!) but I expect it will help me improve the quality of my dog vids for Piney Mountain Foster Care. I hope you enjoy them.

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