That’s Riveting

We use a spring clip device to attach our PMFC dog tags to foster dog’s collars so it’s easy to remove the tag when we deliver the dog to transport, so we can let the dog keep the collar.  But if I attach the tag to the clip with an S hook, the whole assembly gets to be awfully long and dangly.  This is bothersome to the dog and a tempting target for other dogs when they’re playing.  I lose a lot of tags that way, and they’re kind of pricey.

While cleaning out a drawer in my workshop I came across my old pop rivet tool and decided to try riveting the tag straight to the spring clip (as shown).  The result was about 30% reduction in overall length, and because the aluminum tag is sandwiched tightly between the steel clip and a steel washer, it is less likely to be torn loose during play with another dog.

But I don’t have many rivets of that size left, so I added “pop rivets” to my shopping list for Saturday.

Then I saw the price on the box of the tool I have.  I wonder how old that tool is!  I can’t say I’ve seen a pop riveter in the hardware stores lately.  I wonder if they still make pop rivets.

Curiosity just got the better of me and I searched the Ace Hardware web site (The store I plan to shop at on Saturday) for pop rivets – no result found.  I went into Amazon (because Amazon has EVERYTHING) and did a search for pop rivets.  I got a listing of riveted dog collars, shoes, and bracelets.  No fastenings.  I tried Lowe’s web site and found a snazzier version of the tool I have and an assortment of rivets.  So they’re still available, I’m just limited on my sources.  And a box of 100 rivets alone costs twice what my whole kit cost when I got it.  But I guess that’s just the way things are.  What can ya do?

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