Sofa Sleeping

I’ve been sleeping on the sofa the past couple of nights because Lil Blue (a dog Marie and I rescued from a bad situation – ) NEEDS to be able to see someone all the time or he howls like a banshee and no one gets any sleep.

He is doing better already, but he does get anxious if I leave him for more than a couple of minutes.  And since we’ve already got 5 dogs sleeping in the bedroom with us, there is no room for one in a crate.  So I sleep on the sofa with Blue’s crate nearby.

Last night he only fussed at me twice, once at 11:30 and once around 3:00.  Both times he seemed to be in need so I took him outside.  He “produced” both times then went back to the door, into his crate, and back to sleep.

Blaze has only recently earned the privilege of free-range sleeping and has been reveling in being able to sack out on a cushy dog bed on my side of the people bed to sleep.  But last night my big brown buddy Blaze decided to forego sleeping in the air-conditioned comfort of the bedroom and curled up on the dog bed in the living room with Blue and me.  Blaze is such a lovey, dedicated fellow.  I love that boy!

So it is with mixed emotions that I read the Facebook post this morning that listed the dogs going on the next Steele Away Home rescue run and found Blazes name on the list – along with two others of my pack, Sable and Cinnamon.  I’m thrilled that Blaze will be going out to find his forever home, but I will miss him terribly.  He’s such a sweet boy.

But, this is how rescue works.  We save their lives, heal them, train them, then send them to live with someone else.  Sometimes that’s painful.  But far less painful than knowing we left them where they were to die.  In the end it is rewarding work, we just have to deal with the occasional heart ache when one steals our heart.  And before you ask, no I can’t adopt them all.  We’ve kept four.  But if we kept all of those to we absolutely fell in love with we’d have about 20 dogs (out of the 93 we have fostered at this point in time) and animal control would, no doubt, be out here pulling the dogs and calling us a “hoarding situation” because there is no way we can properly care for 20 dogs.

So we do our part, then let those loves go on to homes that can and do care for them very well.  And I take comfort in that.  Even if I am sleeping on the sofa for a while.


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