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By: Doug Bittinger - August 3, 2009

On the morning of Sunday August 3rd Nellie Notebook, faithful repository of family photos and documents and processor of all personal e-mail and internet browsing for Doug & Marie Bittinger and formerly the administrator of all bookkeeping and records keeping functions for Treasures Of Appalachia Inc., passed away.

Mr. Bittinger arrived at Nellie's usual location in the Bittinger home dining room at 5:17 am to awaken her so they could get started on the day's duties, but as she awoke Nellie suffered congestive hard drive failure which in turn caused her entire Operating System to fail.

C.P.R. (Control Programming Restoration) was attempted but was unsuccessful.  Life Support systems (i.e booting from the LAN) was set up but that too was unsuccessful.

Nellie is survived by her half-brother Dale Desktop who has been employed as the Bittinger family's business computer and a new baby sister: Ipod.

Dale has agreed to step in and provide family e-mail services to keep communications open in Nellie's absence.  A replacement for Nellie is not in the foreseeable future.

Internment is planned for Saturday morning at dawn.  The family requests that in lieu of flowers, please send dark chocolate.

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