White Oak Lumber for Canine Comfort

900+ B.F. of white oak lumber

We have @ 900 Board Feet of rough, flat sawn white oak lumber for sale.

  • 8 and 10 foot lengths,
  • various widths,
  • mostly 5/4,
  • some 9/4.
  • Sticker-stacked indoors and air dried since Dec 2007.

The hardwood Store: https://www.wood-database.com/white-oak/ lists rough, white oak, in 300+BF quantities as $3.45/B.F. I’ll take $1,800.00 for the whole stack. That’s about $2.00 per B.F.  Can you pass up that bargain?

The building this lumber is in is being converted to a dog kennel for Piney Mountain Foster Care. We need the space to build kennels, and all of the money will go toward materials for those kennels.

If you need some good white oak, give Doug a yell: Doug@PineyMountainFoster.org

Author: Doug

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