Foster Dogs Of the Past

Below are photos, names and residency dates of our previous fosters.  All were supported through your donations. Most entries are linked to a Notes On A Rescue Dog page that offers photos and video of that dog interacting with people and other dogs as well as descriptions of their personality, habits, and progress in training.  […]

New Product to feed rescue dogs during lock-down

During this time of medical emergency when more and more cities are locking down and prohibiting travel, it has ripple effects on others, even those far away and not (yet) under mandated quarantine.  For instance, of the 10 dogs currently in residence here at Piney Mountain Foster, 3 have been claimed by a rescue and […]

Dog Bath Day: When and How to Wash Dogs

Originally published on Apr 16, 2014 This was supposed to have been MEGA DOG BATH DAY here at Piney Mountain Foster Care. What I mean is that all 5 dogs, ranging from 50 pounds to 85 pounds, would be getting a trip through The Dog Wash. That being the bathtub I left in place when […]

Dealing with Thunder and Dogs

Originally published June 27, 2014 There is thunder. Cochise tries desperately to tell Doug that something HORRIBLE is going on outside and that he NEEDS to come check it out. But, alas, Doug is not paying attention. What ever is a Guardian of the Realm to do? We’re kind of poking fun here, but some […]

Dogs and Socialization: part 2

Originally published November 7, 2014 In part 1, we discussed how to introduce your adult dog to a new dog. This time I want to discuss the importance of socialization between your dog and other people. Socialization of Dogs and People Dogs are social creatures. By their nature, they usually get along well with people: […]

Dogs and Socialization: part 1

Originally published October 21, 2014 Dogs are by nature, social creatures. Even in the wild, they exist in packs: social units that allow for sharing resources, mutual protection and companionship. For domesticated dogs there are two types of socialization: getting along with other dogs, and getting along with people. There would be a third type […]

Why Good Dogs Develop Bad Behavior

Originally published March 31, 2016 Jasper has been with us for a week now. He came to us from the local animal shelter because he had been returned to them from a rescue because his bad behavior was deemed “unmanageable”. I was told this meant that he is extremely energetic, jumps on people and cannot […]

When To Throw the Red Flag On Dogs Play

Originally published Nov. 4th, 2016 Most dogs like to play. Most of a dogs play is a lighthearted version of real-life skills: chasing, catching, fetching and … fighting. As long as it’s done in the name of good, harmless fun, there is no problem. But if it should slide beyond play: because one “combatant” feels […]

Speak! Do Dogs Talk? Understanding Dog-speak

Originally published Feb. 14, 2017 When us dogs talk, most of what we say is not said vocally. Some of what we say comes through body language: the position of our head and body, how we hold our ears, the shape of our eyes, things like that. But some of us are quite expressive vocally […]

Worming Large Dogs At Low Cost

Originally published Dec. 12, 2017 One of my Fosters, Ricky, has been producing bloody diarrhea since Thursday. I took him to the vet today. It was complicated, but the simple version is he has Hookworms. He’s now on an antidiarrheal, antibiotics, and a wormer. And because hookworms are quite contagious, I’ll be worming ALL seven […]