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Piney Mountain Foster Care is a small, all volunteer, non-profit skilled care facility located on 4 acres of mountainside property in Edwina Tennessee. We got our start in 2012 by caring for dogs going through heart worm treatment.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to help rescue dogs from kill shelters.  Many need health care.  Most need training.  We offer medical rehabilitation and behavioral modification in a tranquil setting.

When adoptable, we work with and through our Canine Rescue Partners locally and around the nation to find these dogs quality homes.

The secondary mission is to raise awareness and promote prevention of animal cruelty and to curb rampant companion animal over-population by promoting low cost spay-neuter programs.

Funding Foster Care

To keep the facility maintained and provide food and medical care to our residents, we depend on donors like you.

NOTE: PMFC is an all-volunteer organization.
All money donated to Piney Mountain Foster Care, Inc.
is used to provide care to the dogs, not salaries or benefits to humans.
PMFC is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity EIN: 84-3593563

Other Ways to Help

Current Residents

Most dogs get a page that offers photos and video of that dog interacting with people and other dogs as well as descriptions of their personality, habits, and progress in training.  As adopter Debra Sollitto told us, “I have read your blog about Julian many times.  It was posted by Meryl on the Fur Friends in Need  Facebook page.  That blog and the videos of Julian are the main reason that we pursued this adoption.  After I met Julian at the adoption event and saw those videos, I knew that I had to have this dog”.

We encourage rescues taking our dogs to link to the page related to that dog and use it in finding them a forever home.  Below are our current residents.  Former Fosters are on the Foster Dogs of the Past page.

Lickey Mickey
Arrived Mar 20, 2023
NAC | Male | Adult | Available
Luna LovepittPearl ZaneBrutus
Luna Luvpitt
Arrived Mar 22, 2021
NAC | Fem | Adult | Available
Pearl Brindusky
Arrived June 9, 2021
NAC | Fem | Adult | Available
Zane Goodfellow
Arrived Feb 18, 2022
Stray | Male | Adult | Available
Arrived Feb. 6, 2023
FFR | Male | Youth | Foster/Available
Joephine Callie
Arrived March 2013
Senior | Resident/Mentor
Arrived Apr 2017
Adult | Resident
Callie Roo
Arrived Dec. 2017
Senior | Forever Foster
Blade Malawoofer
Arrived July 10 ‘2020
Adult | Forever Foster

5 comments on “Home Page

  1. Betty Fowler

    Have you received my app. If there is a chance we can adopt this dog. Can we make an appointment to come check it out?

    • DougB

      Hi Betty,
      We have received several applications, but no application was processed under your name. Did you click/tap the SUBMIT button at the bottom? We are happy to schedule a meet-n-greet once an application is received.

  2. Peter Huyer

    I see Rambo was on Petfinder and now it’s no longer available I was praying that he would get a good loving forever home I wanted to adopt him several months back but I’m dealing with prostate cancer I will continue to donate to you folks I think you’re doing an awesome job

    • DougB

      Good morning Peter, yes: Rambo was adopted over the weekend. We’ll be praying that everything goes well with your treatments and you recover quickly. Thank you!

  3. Kathy Newton

    I’m ordering two bottles of Fido fixer. Stacey Dekker is delivering to me on Friday. PLEASE DON’T MAIL.

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