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Piney Mountain Foster Care is a small, all volunteer, non-profit skilled care facility located on 4 acres of mountainside property in Edwina Tennessee. We got our start in 2012 by caring for dogs going through heart worm treatment.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to help rescue dogs from kill shelters.  Many need health care.  Most need training.  We offer medical rehabilitation and behavioral modification in a tranquil setting.

When adoptable, we work with and through canine rescues locally and around the nation to find these dogs quality homes.  See the Canine Rescue Partners page for details on them.

The secondary mission is to raise awareness and promote prevention of animal cruelty and to curb rampant companion animal over-population by promoting low cost spay-neuter programs.

Our Facility

Our facilities include a 1/3 acre fenced play yard.  Our kennel building offers in-out runs on a raised concrete floor to keep our residents clean and dry.  The indoor parts are heated.  Kuranda dog beds are provided for comfort.

We also do in-home fostering, but limit this to no more than 5 dogs in our 1,100 sq ft bungalow at a time (most are large dogs: 60 to 90 pounds).

Each dog gets 3 to 5 play/training sessions each day when they are allowed to run, play, and train in our large, fenced yard.  The kennels are cleaned each time the dog is let out, to keep their “rooms” pleasant and sanitary.  We normally have seven to ten dogs in residence at a time.

Funding Foster Care

To keep the facility maintained and provide food and medical care to our residents, we depend heavily on our generous donors.

One-time gifts are welcome and much appreciated.  Use the DONATE button, enter any amount, and choose a program (optional).  You may pay with your PayPal account or use a credit card.

Please consider becoming a PMFC Sponsor by ticking the “make it a monthly donation” box.  PayPal will then automatically bill your PP account or credit card each month until you elect to stop it.

Either way, include your e-mail address at check-out and we’ll be sure you receive the monthly newsletters keeping you up on how your donations are making a difference.

NOTE: PMFC is an all-volunteer organization.
All money donated to Piney Mountain Foster Care, Inc.
is used to provide care to the dogs, not salaries or benefits to humans.
PMFC is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity.

Adoptable Dogs

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Other Current Residents

Most dogs get a page that offers photos and video of that dog interacting with people and other dogs as well as descriptions of their personality, habits, and progress in training.  As adopter Debra Sollitto told us, “I have read your blog about Julian many times.  It was posted by Meryl on the Fur Friends in Need  Facebook page.  That blog and the videos of Julian are the main reason that we pursued this adoption.  After I met Julian at the adoption event and saw those videos, I knew that I had to have this dog”.

We encourage rescues taking our dogs to link to the page related to that dog and use it in finding them a forever home.  These are current rescues and residents.  Former Fosters are on the Foster Dogs of the Past page.

. .

NAME Scout Shepherd
Arrived Jan. 14 2020
FAS | Male | Adult | FAS

Blade Malawoofer
Arrived July 10 2020
FAS | Male | Adult | APtH

TimberTimber (Timmy)
Arrived Jan. 4 2021
GAC | Male | Adult | ARNNE


Arrived March 2013
Senior |Resident/Mentor



Arrived Apr 2017
Adult |Resident

Buddy Wingo
Buddy Beagle

Arrived Sept. 2017
Senior |Forever Foster


Callie Roo

Arrived Dec. 2017
Senior |Forever Foster


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