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Funds raised here pay medical expenses and buy nutritious food to fill bellies and bring good health, blankets to snuggle into, collars, harnesses, and a myriad of other things we need to properly care for the precious lives we welcome to Piney Mountain Foster Care.

Thank you for your support!

Piney Mountain Foster Care is a GuideStar Gold Seal 501(c)(3) Public Charity

Canine Cuisine Book

Piney Mountain Foster Care’s facility manager: Doug, and our veterinarian: Dr. Sandra Manes, have been working on a book about canine nutrition and feeding for a couple of years. It’s finally been published and is available to the public.


We have a few copies available for local purchase.

This book covers all aspects of canine nutrition and discusses everything from choosing a good commercial kibble to cooking your own dog food (including recipes). We also cover raw diet, grain free, all-meat, boutique meals, and have a hard look at proper nutrition for dogs dealing with diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and cancer. Tons of useful information presented for the average person in Doug’s lighthearted writing style.

Kuranda Dog Beds

KurandaElevated, Orthopedic Comfort
Kuranda’s elevated dog beds are a great relief for dogs’ joints. The cot-style design evenly distributes their weight so that there are no pressure points like they would have on a hard surface. No more sore hips, elbows or shoulders.

Engineered Chew Proof
Kuranda’s patented design secures the fabric inside a special channel in the frame making it totally inaccessible to dogs that chew. Pair with a scratch-resistant fabric and you have a chew proof bed. Guaranteed for 1 full year.

Piney Mountain Foster Care has an affiliate account with Kuranda beds, so if you click the image and order your bed, Kuranda will share part of their profit with us. Or if you wish to donate a bed to us, you can do that here too and Kuranda will ship the bed directly to us.

Paw-Print Coasters

Click me to enlarge

These delightful coasters are hand crocheted from super-absorbent yarn by multi-medium artist Donna Gregg.  They are approximately 5″ in diameter: big enough to protect your furniture from a large mug or even a bowl.  These will be custom made for you in your choice of colors, then shipped directly to you.

These make great gifts for any animal lover, as well as being a useful addition to your own home that helps feed hungry rescue dogs.

$5.00 each or a set of four for $18.00
(with free shipping)

To Order e-mail DGregg6@hotmail.com or Message her on Facebook
Donna accepts on-line payments through PayPal.

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Regular Rounds


Regular size treats are great for smaller dogs or training treats for big dogs.
Medium Hearts


Great for medium size dogs or large dogs who get frequent treats.
BIG Bones


For BIG dogs who scoff at most treats for being not worth their efforts.

These treats use certified non-GMO whole wheat flour and xylitol-free peanut butter, to make a scrumptious snack for your canine companion.  All ingredients are human-grade foodstuffs, prepared in a sanitary environment, so if you want to see what’s got your dog so excited go ahead and try one!


The standard package is a resealable food-safe plastic pouch that contains your choice of 40 regular size dog treats (7/8″ diameter) or 14 of the Medium Dog Heart treats or 8 bone shaped Big Dog Treats. These are a $3.00 donation per package.  The bulk-pack contains 40 Big Dog Bones, or 70 Big Dog Hearts or 200 Regular treats for a donation of $12.00 per bag. The equivalent of 5 bags of treats for the price of four.

Locally available at Our Place book store, coffee shop and unique gifts in Cosby TN


We ship the bulk packs.  The shipping cost for one order is $9.00 for USPS 3-day Priority plus $12.00 for the bulk pack, total of $21.00.  Order on-line HERE —>
.      OR
Mail your order (state the treat size) and a check for $21.00 per pack to:
Piney Mountain Foster Care, 1198 Piney Mountain Rd, Newport TN 37821


Choose size

Coffee, Tea, Cocoa

You’ll find freshly-roasted coffees, artisan teas, decadent cocoa mix, scrumptious cookies and coffee & tea accessories at reasonable prices that lend help (25% on most products) to support our work in saving the abused, neglected and abandoned dogs of our region.  So treat yourself to something delicious and support canine rescue at the same time.

[Click here to visit our Giving Bean store]

Apparel by Bonfire

Each shirt design is offered in a variety of styles (tee shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, etc) as well as a range of colors and sizes.  Each design is a limited time offering that needs to be ordered while that campaign is running.  Most can be re-started if there is sufficient interest.  Here are some of the deigns we have offered:

Portraits by Donna

Dog lover, rescuer, and artist Donna Gregg has offered to support Piney Mountain Foster Care through her artworks.  When I got one of Donna’s works of art in the mail as an early Christmas present, I was astounded by her likeness of our American Bulldog mix: Cochise. It is so life-like and detailed (center below).

Below are just a few of the dog portraits she has done:

dog portrait dog portrait dog portrait
dog portait dog portrait of Cochise
dog portrait dog portrait dog portraits

Donna can produce a portrait of your dog (or that of a friend) as well. She’ll need a clear photograph of your dog’s face to work from and can combine multiple dogs into a group portrait. Donna’s fees are reasonable and if you give her the secret phrase, “Cochise sent me”, she will donate half of her fee to Piney Mountain Foster Care. These portraits can be done in a variety of sizes and come matted and ready to frame.

About Donna Gregg and her Dog Portraits

Donna maked dog portraits
Donna Gregg at a rescue adoption event.

How do I love dogs? Let me count the ways. When I was a wee tot, my drawings of dogs didn’t look like other kid’s pictures. Theirs had stick feet and round bodies, and mine actually had paws with the correct number of toes. Then I graduated to cartoons of dogs. I thought to myself, I’m on to something!

Then life happened and I became an IT geek and didn’t draw for decades. I then morphed my love of dogs with my crochet hobby, and began making caricatures of friends’ pets with yarn. The bigger the feet, the bigger the nose, the better.

She also does people portraits

Then the little light under my bushel basket said “Hey, remember me: Pencil and paper?”, and my first dog portrait happened. And then another, and then another. I love bringing pets to life on paper; a number of my pieces are memorials for pets who have passed away.

The bottom line: I love using my talents to make people happy. I hope I can bring some joy to whomever reads this.


You can get in touch with Donna Gregg through Facebook:
Or by e-mail: dgregg6@Hotmail.com

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Piney Mountain Foster Care is a GuideStar Gold Seal rated 501(c)(3) Public Charity.
All proceeds go to caring for the dogs, not salaries or benefits for people.



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