As a small 501(c)(3) Public Charity, Piney Mountain Foster Care depends on private individuals and small businesses who are willing to join us in our mission.  By donating to our General Operations you buy nutritious food, healthy snacks, provide comfortable and safe accommodation, and needed veterinary care to our foster dogs.  By supporting the Improvements Fund you expand and improve our facilities so we can do more for the abused and neglected dogs of our region.  If a particular dog has touched your heart, you can contribute to the care of that particular dog.

Your gift can be made as a one-time donation or you can choose to make a monthly Sponsor donation, automatically billed to your credit card or PayPal account.  Even a small amount coming regularly is a tremendous help!

Everyone involved with PMFC is a volunteer,
no donated funds go to salaries or benefits.
We are 501(c)(3) – EIN: 84-3593563

Other Ways to Give

If you’d like to be part of Piney Mountain Foster Care, but can’t give funds right now, there are several other ways to support us.

  •  Amazon Smile is a way to support us at no cost to yourself.  Just  tell to support Piney Mountain Foster Care as you shop and they will set aside a portion of THEIR profits from your purchase to be given to us.
  • Goods.  If you are local, or will be in the area, we are happy to meet you and accept goods such as blankets, collars, leashes, dog beds, toys, and other items we use and need because they get used up.
  • Giving Your Time.  For a more personal approach to helping, you can help us by giving time.  Time spent helping to clean and fix-up, time to bathe dogs and trim nails, even time spent playing with a dog helps to socialize them to a wider variety of people.  See our Service Projects page for details.
  • Wish Lists. We maintain wish lists at the businesses below that allow you to select and purchase an item we need and have it sent to us.  These products have been selected as things we are always in need of. Charity List for commonly used, most needed items. Wish List for bigger, non-consumable items.
    Kuranda Dog Beds (recommended by

Acknowledging Our Donors

We could not do what we do without the kindness of people like you.



Among our kind donors and honorees are:

A Pathway to Hope

Amazon Smile

Andrea Schaffer Rousso <<

Animal Rescue Network of New England

Barbara Morris

BePaws They Matter

Beth Jones

Bettye Anne Bewley

Brian & Mary O’Hare **

Carol Wilson

Catherine & Eric Schutz

Cedarwood Veterinary Hosp.

Cheryl Brown **

Chloe and Lil who both crossed the Rainbow Bridge May 2020
by Meryl Sheridan

Christine Plouffe

Courtney Phillips

Creed R. McMahan

David Bittinger
Memorial by
LeeAnne Bockoven Call

Dave & Helen Duvall

David Thomas

Dean & Nancy Sousa

Debra Hilton <<

Debra Sollitto <<

Dennis Dekker <<



Diana Gamble Mays

Dianne Miller Stokely **

Donna Gregg <<

Doug & Marie Bittinger

Dwan Ford <<

Eillen Schaffer (hon)

Ellen Victoria <<

Erin & Michael Annecelli

Facebook Donors

Fidelity Charitable

Friends Animal Shelter

Gary L. Twigg

Geoffrey Catlett

Glenn Hux
Memorial by Linda Daniels <<

Grill 73

Gucci and Putter
Memorial by Dr. Kelly Price Ph.D.


Heather Martin

Heather Zanolli

Hershey’s Corporation

HomeLight Real Estate Pros

Humane Society of Jefferson County

James & Christine Bedell

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Ellison

Joy O’Hare

Julie LaFleur **

K-9 Dryers

Karen Heaton


Karen Heckel

Kathleen Worden Cabral

Kathy’s Grooming Parlor

Katrina Seaton <<

Kay Beil

Kelly Price PH.D.

Ken Yergeau **

Kirsten M Annarino

Laurie Cutshaw

Laurie Timmermann

Lee Yergeau **

Liberty Church of Cosby

Leslie Gibbens
Memorial by
Cocke County Partnership

Linda Lewanski

Lorie Ford

Lucas Graham

Lynn Ramsey

Marcie DiPaola

Margaret Martin

Maria Signore <<

Marie Bittinger

Martha & Richard Merrill

Mary Packham **

Meryl Sheridan <<
in memory of
her mother

Mike Wegner

Modern Woodman

Nancy Smyth <<

Network for Good

Newport Springs Bottling LLC


On Shore Foundation, Inc.

Our Place

Pamela Knudson

Peter Huyer

Pinecone Research

Rachel LePine

Rhonda Lewis

Richard Bittinger <<

Rick and Beverly Morgan

Robert Brannon

Ruth and Fred Spence

Sam & Cathie Moscato

Sam Styles

Shannon Harner <<

Sigrid Yancy <<

Smoky Mountain
Home Health & Hospice

Stacy Dekker

Stephen Huff

Susan Ball

Susan Young

Susan Walker Vanden Heuval <<

Tammy Francis

Tina Love

Tracy Ray

Travis Williamson <<

Victoria Stroup **

Patrons of our Kennel
Upgrade Project:

Meryl Sheridan

Gwen Costner in memory
of Hollis Gammon

Robert Gann

John Kaprocki

NOTE: The general donor list is maintained over a rolling 12 month period.
Admin note: ** Giving Tuesday, Dec 2020
Admin note: << Birthday fundraiser Feb 2021

Corporate Partners

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