Snoopy typingWe are always thrilled to receive relevant comments and feedback from our fans and adopters.  And we will make a valiant effort to answer your questions about Piney Mountain Foster Care and our dogs.

E-MAIL – our Facility Manager at to discuss facility operations.
E-MAIL our Adoption Coordinator at to inquire about adopting a dog.
E-MAIL our Foster Home Coordinator, Helen, at to inquire about becoming a foster home for us.
If you can’t do e-mail, there is a contact form below that will take a message and e-mail it to us for you.  It may need to be forwarded to someone else, who may be at work, so do not expect an immediate reply.
All spam will be completely and pointedly ignored.

SNAIL MAIL – If you are sending physical objects send them to:
Piney Mountain Foster Care, 1198 Piney Mountain Road, Newport TN, 37821

DROP ON BY – Visitors are welcome but it is best to arrange a date and time to be sure someone is here (we sometimes have to go buy kibble or transport dogs) and not in the middle of something difficult to interrupt… and so I can secure the vicious, horrible, man-eating dogs (they’re not really, but they try to sound that way).  If you decide to just pop by while I’m cleaning kennels, for example, (and are not licked to death by the dogs) expect to be handed a scrub brush and be put to work while we talk. 🙂
(Note that we are NOT actually in Newport, we’re in the mountain-side community of Edwina, but the Newport P.O. delivers to us so they force us to adopt them for addressing of mail.)

HOURS — 12:30 pm – 6:00 pm Mon – Fri, 12:30 pm- 4:00 pm Sat, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Sun.

PHONE CALL — Not recommended because all of our “people” are volunteers and have day jobs.  Our Facility Manager’s “job” is here, but he’s almost always cleaning kennels or working with the dogs, not sitting in an office – even if we had an office for him to sit in (423) 415-9545.

If you’re looking for information about us as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, that is on the  Corporate page.

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