In the days of old, when listening to AM radio was a major part of American home entertainment, the sensitivity of your radio receiver was a source of great pride. Some people made a hobby of cruising the dial, especially at night, seeking out new, distant stations. When they found a new one they would […]

All About Nails

Hand-forged nails were the first manufactured fasteners and they date back to Biblical times.  As people first used hewn beams, timbers, planks, and whole logs to build with, the early hand-made versions were spikes.  With the development of the split wood shingle, nails of about 1″ long came into use.  When sawyers, and then sawmills, […]

Labor Day

Labor Day means different things to different people, just as many holidays do.  It seems that to most people, most holidays mean a day off of work — and little more.  I know very few people who actually spend any time reflecting on, much less celebrating the meaning of, most holidays.  But Labor Day has […]