Kennel Update: Walk-Through

The ongoing kennel project has come to the point where I thought you might enjoy a walk-through.  It is no where near finished, but progress is being made.  I am thrilled to be able to offer our residents secure, heated “bedrooms” to stay in on the cold winter nights that are coming.

Ready to go?

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Kennel Update: Guillotines

Our Board of Directors approved the purchase of three Kennel Clad guillotine kennel doors.  You’ll know why they’re called that when you see the video.  I ordered them and they arrived quickly.  I spent my afternoon today installing the first one.  It went into Rebel’s bedroom.

I wanted Rebel to go out into his outer room so I could open his inner door and work less encumbered by having to open and close the door every time I went in or out.  But Rebel was having none of that.

However, he perched himself on his bed and lounged there watching me work.  He never got in my way and never tried to squeeze out the door with me.  He watched intently as I worked as though it was the most fascinating thing he’d ever seen.  He was SO adorable!

There were several challenges to overcome.  The biggest was the fact that the walls I’m mounting the door slides on are not even close to be being flat.  Warping the rails causes the door to bind.  I got around that by shimming the rails where needed.  Fortunately, as a former furniture maker, I have a fair stock of ultra thin pieces of wood laying around to stack up for the perfect shims.

It took me a couple of hours to unpack the boxes, decide what tools I needed, get everything staged, and then install the first door.  But the end result is satisfactory.  I should probably go buy some sheet metal to cut up for shims instead of using wood shims: wood will rot.

The final door has been installed and is working properly.
Check out my Walk Through video for the result.

Kennel Update: K3 Complete (almost)

Scout‘s inside room is now secure and accessible by humans (I mean aside from getting down and crawling through that hole in the wall – which I have done).  The building is still pretty crowded with lumber and stuff, so getting a good camera angle is difficult.
I still need to find the channels that go on either side of the door hole so a sheet metal clad wooden panel can slide up and down in them to close off and open up the doorway.  The channels are shaped like a lower case “h”, the panel rides in the three sided channel, the flange bolts to the wall.  A cable (to prevent chewing it in half) goes up to a pulley on the wall, that splices to a rope that runs out front to a cleat.  I pull the rope to open the door and tie it off to keep the door open.
I cleared out and swept the next section.  I need to go get a load of block, then can get started enclosing Blade’s room: K2.
I finished the day by organizing my parts box.  This will save time as I build the next panel: no more sifting through random parts looking for the one I need.  I also put away all the wrenches, the pliers, wire cutters and such I used in building the chain link panel.  Time to go back into masonry mode, those tools will just be in the way and maybe get lost in the shuffle.  Tis better to straighten up before moving on.