Confessions of a Clinical Depression Survivor

Another article on Clinical Depression from long ago, posted for the benefit of those who need it now. We see many stories from survivors of cancer, heart failure, addiction and more. Here is my survivor story. But first some factual background. What Is Clinical Depression? Clinical Depression is a progressively deepening melancholy accompanied by an […]

Fighting Clinical Depression

I wrote this article on depression long ago and it was published in HealthMad e-Zine.  They have since rotated it out (can’t keep everything forever, can we?) so I am free to repost it here.  This is not an issue I am currently dealing with, but I have been in discussion with some who are.  […]

Putting the Past In the Past

We have all made mistakes. We have all celebrated successes. The mistakes were painful, the success joyous. Then time continued to flow and these moments became part of our past. If we have learned from these experiences, they will help us shape a bright future. If we get mired in these past experiences we stagnate. […]

The After-Christmas Blues

Psychologists say that after-Christmas Blues (or post-holiday depression, in their nomenclature) is a fact of life for an increasing number of people each year.  The reasons for this include: Unmet expectations Deflation Guilt for over-indulgence Unfavorable realizations Anxiety over impending normalcy Unmet expectations result from not getting something you want.  It may have been a […]

Growing Satisfaction

People garden for a lot of different reasons: reducing household costs, increase food quantity, increase food quality, providing food for the less fortunate of their community, those who tend flower gardens seek to beautify their property, give shelter to certain insects and birds, and improve the aesthetics of their life. But one common thread that […]