The Saddest Realization

Child_DefiantThe saddest words any parent can hear is their child saying, “I don’t need you.”

The saddest realization any parent can experience is that the child is right.

Where were you when they wanted a lap to sit in and be read to?  Where were you when he wanted you to attend his softball games, when she had a recital, when they had some personal crises and needed your guidance?  At work?  Or saying, “We’ll talk tomorrow, I’m too tired tonight.”

And now that you have come to the point where you want to be adviser, mentor, confidant… they have no need of you. For so long they have fended for themselves they do not need, or want, your input.

You are, after all, just the breadwinner.

One thought on “The Saddest Realization”

  1. But doesn`t that just mean the kids made it to become independant and strong?.. Figured out on their own how to handle it? Maybe it is a good thing.

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