Friday Date Night: Destination Space

Destination Space, movie, scifi, classic, 1950sOne of the Simple Pleasures of life that Marie and I enjoy is a standing “date night” where we set time aside specifically to spend it relaxing together doing something we both enjoy.  One of our common interest is 1950’s Sci-Fi movies.  What we call Schlocky Sci-Fi.  We have quite a collection of our own, and we have discovered that we can “rent” others on-line and watch them on our television by patching my notebook computer into the TV with an HDMI cable.  Those we particularly enjoy we will purchase for the collection.

Rentals can be had from,, and  Pricing generally runs either $1.99 or $2.99 from Amazon (our preferred provider) and both Amazon and Hulu offer some free rentals.

This week’s selection was “Destination Space”.  Details provided with the listing were: Continue reading “Friday Date Night: Destination Space”


This Spiritual Sunday guest post by Dr. Calvin Metcalf makes some great points about self image, regardless of your spiritual beliefs.

AP-CalvinHave you ever wondered why some people do not like you?  No matter what you do or do not do, they find you rather repulsive.  Since it is a normal tendency to want people to like us, we often grieve when dislike is obvious.  Our frustrations are compounded when, to us, there are no apparent reasons for their rejection.  It hurts to feel the hate of others when, in our hearts, we know it is not our intention to hurt anyone.  If we are people who provoke conflict, then we can expect some “eye for an eye” reactions.  But if, in the sincerity of our souls, we promote peace, then it is strange when others do not respond peaceably to us.

It seems that some folk need a few people toward whom they have an adversarial relationship, and at times we become their victims.  It may be that we remind them of someone who hurt them in the past.  It may be that we did not have the same opinion on some issue, and some people have tender egos when it comes to disagreement.  Perhaps we do not share the same enemies, and that creates problems for folk with hostile attitudes.  Again, it may be that we are perceived as being different and for some, conformity is a “religion.”  There are a variety of ways to analyze the dynamics of people’s dislike of us for no apparent reasons. Continue reading “LEARNING TO LIKE OURSELVES”