Buddy Beagle Gets Confused

The driveway in front of our house is T shaped. We come up the drive and swing to the left to park the car. To leave we back up into the other arm and turn left to go down the driveway to the road. Normally, Marie’s Subaru is the only vehicle parked out there. I […]

Buddy Beagle and Going Ballistic

Buddy Beagle is normally a pretty calm little fellow — unless there’s a squirrel outside, then he has to bay and bark and try to get at it. There’s something about squirrels that sets him off. All the other dogs ignore squirrels, but will react similarly to free-ranging cats. Buddy also goes ballistic if I […]

Buddy Beagle: Protector of Toys

Buddy Beagle is a sensitive, caring soul. Gaze into his eyes and you can see that. He is a beagle who has come through a horrible experience of his own. He came here from Cedarwood Animal Hospital for a lengthy recovery and we just let him stay. Now he takes on the roll of household […]

Buddy Beagle’s Big Bacon Score

HairyFace was in the food room fixing bacon and eggs for breakfast because it was breakfast time and the food room is where Peoples fix food. Usually. Sometimes NiceLady fixes food in the picture-box watching room using the box of fire in the wall. But that’s only when it’s cold, and only on occasion. We […]

Buddy Beagle’s Lumpectomy

Our pal, Buddy Beagle went to Cedarwood Veterinary Hospital this morning for a follow-up appointment. He’s had a hemispherical lump growing in the gash that HairyFace has been tending. The gash was healing nicely: skin closing over the exposed flesh, no infection (thanks to a honey of a new treatment). By this morning just a […]

Buddy Beagle says “Life Is Better With a Donut”

Everyone likes eating a donut, but have you ever tried wearing one? When Buddy Beagle came here, he was wearing one of those lampshade cone e-collars. That was to keep him from licking or chewing at his many wounds, and it did its job admirably. But it did make life cumbersome. While he was in […]

Buddy Beagle: Notes on a foster dog

Buddy Beagle, is an 8 year old beagle who was picked up by Animal Control on August 1st 2017. While in their care he was attacked by three large dogs. An eye witness said Buddy didn’t fight back, the others were going to kill him and he was going to let them. That’s how sweet-natured […]

The De-Bageling of Buddy the Beagle Boy

Almost three months ago this sweet, loving, senior Beagle was attacked by three large dogs and torn to shreds. The skilled hands at Cedarwood Veterinary Hospital stitched him back together, with little hope that he would survive. But survive he did! The last of his injuries to heal up has been a triangular patch on […]

Beagle Tender

Marie was up before 4:00 this morning: low blood sugar. Her ministrations in the kitchen roused Buddy Beagle (who was at that time sleeping in a crate in the kitchen) and of course he wanted to be up with Marie. He adores Marie. His vocalizations roused Josephine who decided to turn it into play time. […]