The De-Bageling of Buddy the Beagle Boy

Almost three months ago this sweet, loving, senior Beagle was attacked by three large dogs and torn to shreds. The skilled hands at Cedarwood Veterinary Hospital stitched him back together, with little hope that he would survive. But survive he did!

The last of his injuries to heal up has been a triangular patch on his rump where the skin was torn away and lost.

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Outline shows original missing skin.

Scar tissue cutting in under granulation (lump).

After granulation removed

Progress by October 10th.

All of the time since he came out of surgery, he has been wearing an e-collar: Cedarwood used a cone, but we switched to an inflatable Kong collar when he came here for recovery care.
The cone was fine while he was confined to a kennel. Here, we thought the donut (or, as we called it: the Big Blue Beagle Bagel) would be less frustrating to him for life in a home. That has worked out well and we have been impressed that the collar has resisted puncture even when Buddy would go shoving it into prickly things like raspberry bushes.

While Buddy Beagle has learned to deal with, function well, even weaponize his Beagle Bagel …

We knew he would appreciate the day when he could finally take it off and return to life as a normal dog.

Buddy Wingo, beagleThe first sign of his relief (after he finished showing everyone his bagel-less neck) was when he got to lay his head down and rest without a cone or bagel for the first time in months.

Buddy Beagle with his favorite vet: Dr. Sandra Manes

Despite being very nearly killed, this spirited senior has remained upbeat throughout his many surgeries and recovery. He adores the staff at Cedarwood and is always thrilled to go in for his check-ups. He loves us, especially Marie, despite the wound care I’ve inflicted on him at least twice a day every day. And (surprisingly) he shows no fear of the other dogs, even those bigger than him.

Buddy Beagle is indeed a special fellow.

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