Buddy Beagle Gets Confused

The driveway in front of our house is T shaped. We come up the drive and swing to the left to park the car. To leave we back up into the other arm and turn left to go down the driveway to the road.

Normally, Marie’s Subaru is the only vehicle parked out there. I park my truck over by the dog kennels, which is accessed by a different driveway. But today a truck was coming in to drop a load of gravel by the kennels and my truck needed to be out of the way. So I brought it up to the house. As long as I park in the “backing up” arm, Marie can still get her car into it’s spot – she just can’t leave until I move.

Buddy had been sleeping when I moved my truck.

When it got to be about time for Marie to get home from work, Buddy got up and looked out a window. He saw my truck, which is similar in color to Mare’s car, sitting in the drive. Wrong vehicle, wrong position, but it is in the driveway.

He went nuts. He always goes nuts when Marie comes home. Buddy adores Marie. He started baying, he ran from window to window, he ran in circles, he tried to knock me over, all his usual stunts. But Marie wasn’t getting out of the “car” out there. So he got frantic. “What’s wrong, what’s wrong?”

It took a while but I got him calmed down.

No sooner had he calmed, but Marie’s Subaru came up the driveway, and we started all over again! But now she’s home. Once he see’s her get out of the car he will calm down so he can greet her when she comes in.

He’s a funny boy!

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