Buddy Beagle: Protector of Toys

Buddy Beagle

Buddy Beagle is a sensitive, caring soul. Gaze into his eyes and you can see that. He is a beagle who has come through a horrible experience of his own. He came here from Cedarwood Animal Hospital for a lengthy recovery and we just let him stay. Now he takes on the roll of household protector.

For the most part he is a good little guy who is devoted to his people (especially Marie) and gets along well with his siblings. But make a toy cry and you’ll feel his wrath! Buddy has no interest in playing with any squeaky toy. He never tries to take one way from another dog. But he does scold them if they make a toy cry.

Buddy will bark at heinous invaders like squirrels, vagrant cats, and falling leaves. He likes to sit in the window and watch for threats, but is usually pretty mellow.

Being an older dog, he spends a lot of time napping, and is happiest if he can find a sun puddle to snooze in. He likes to be petted and have his ears scratched. He loves to curl up in Marie’s lap and be loved on.

He has come through his injuries well and is physically active (when he’s not napping, of course). He sometimes gets into running and rowdy play with our other beagle: Josephine (a.k.a. “Sharky” or “Carpet Shark”). But those bouts tend to be short: he hasn’t got the stamina of the much younger Josephine, who also fancies herself a protector. Sometimes they go on patrol together.

Buddy gets really excited when Marie comes home from work: he can’t wait to get scritchies from her! So much so that I have to restrain him until she gets in the door and sets down any bags she might be carrying or he will shred them in the attempt to get to her.

But overall he’s a good little fella and we love him dearly.

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