Conversation with Non-existent People

This quote is not entirely true: psychotic people talk to … voices in their heads, or their invisible friends, or the demons who pursue them, so having conversation with an empty room is not the exclusive domain of writers.  But we do it too. However, we do it with purpose not out of madness.  Well, […]

Writing for Profit or Pleasure: Where (and how) to Publish

  Why publish? You have a desire to write; to make your thoughts and inspirations known to others. Perhaps you are knowledgeable and wish to share your expertise with others, passing what you know to another generation.  Maybe you are creative and enjoy entertaining others with stories of fiction.  Or perhaps you are insightful and […]

Breaking Into a Publishing House: Ground-work

Getting a book published by a traditional or mainstream publishing house is the gold medal of the writer Olympics. In an age where anyone can self-publish their work, regardless of the quality of that work, having your book accepted and printed by a “brand name” book publisher is the most authoritative stamp of approval that […]

Changing Microsoft Word Default Format

Published Feb 17th, 2011 on If you use Microsoft Word to do your writing, will probably have noticed some annoying habits this program has as far as formatting your work into paragraphs. If you use the default template, to indent the first line of a paragraph you must hit the space bar several times. […]