Using an Unreliable Narrator

It is said that there are three sides to every divorce: his side, her side, and the truth. This colloquialism alludes to the fact that people will slant their narration of events to suit their own perspective. Really, it goes beyond that because there are times when a participant in an event is not just […]

The Writing Process

There is a process that occurs in all forms of writing.  Like many things in life, taking each step in it’s turn speeds the work and improves the outcome.  Understanding that process can help you do better work, faster, and enjoy the process more. Conceptualizing This is “getting an idea”. It may come from something […]

Passive Voice and Active Voice in Your Writing

A variety of writing styles are available to you as a writer/author. At one end of the scale is the literary style that tends to ramble along, painting pictures with words chosen more for their emotional impact than their grammatical efficiency. At the other end is the hard-hitting journalistic style designed to convey information quickly […]

Crafting Conflict In Your Stories

Any writer knows that conflict is necessary in a story to keep a reader engaged. But what is conflict and how is it created, met, and overcome? The answers to these questions have a lot to do with how well received your stories will be. What Conflict Is Not Violence. Crafting blood-spattered scenes of opposing […]