Sci-Fi Sample: Tale of the Draggon

The following is chapter one from a book I wrote in 1984.  It is part of a trilogy.  The publishing houses refused it back then.  After wall-papering my office with rejection slips (it was a small office) I packed it up, tucked it away and forgot about it.  A recent decluttering brought it to light again and I’m thinking of producing it as an eBook.   I have always considered fiction to be my weak suit.  Please read this sample chapter and give me your opinion as to whether or not this book has potential to sell.  This is a Sci-Fi book, if you hate Sci-Fi, you are excused, thank you for coming, I hope to see you next time.  To the rest of you, if you saw this as a sample of the book, would you find it compelling enough to buy the book?

Thank you for your input, feel free to be honest, that is what I am asking for.

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New Eden

Image via Potters Hand Apostolic Mission

I burst through the door, waving a pair of transport tickets, “I got them Jilli, I got them!”

Jillian sat at the table reading, a cup of tea at her elbow. She looked at me quizzically, then her shoulders drooped. It was not the reaction I expected. “Oh, Nickoli, you didn’t.”

“Yes, yes I did!  It took every credit I had – and some pleading – but we have tickets to New Eden.  The transport leaves Thursday.”

“Nikki, I really didn’t think you were serious about that.  Just another of your crazy dreams.”

That hurt.  She saw it too.  She got up out of her chair and came around the table to put a hand on each shoulder. “I’m sorry, Nikki, that didn’t come out right. It’s just that you have so many dreams, and so many of them are just…impractical.”

The exuberance I’d felt just moments before drained away leaving me feeling like an empty sink. “Just because I want…something better than this?” Continue reading “New Eden”