A Christmas Message

I first saw this Christmas video a year ago – or almost the same; they’ve updated it some.  I remember being impressed with this mostly because of it’s wonderful Christmas message but also because Becky Kelley and her family live in St. Louis, very near where Marie and I used to live before we came here.  Her father arranged the music and played the piano and her bother did all the video work and composition – at least on the original.  We used to shop in the mall where those scenes were shot.  I think it’s particularly relevant right now.

If for any reason it does not play for you [watch it on YouTube]

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Message”

    1. Thank you, Charles; indeed it was peaceful and very enjoyable. One advantage of being a recluse is that we don’t have a lot of friends and family to drop in on so they don’t feel left out. We did some things Christmas eve then on Christmas day we just hunkered in, lit the fire place and enjoyed the day.

      I hope yours too was enjoyable and that you have a great year ahead.

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