A Rainy Day in the Mountains

Tis a rainy day here in the mountains, but that’s a good thing because it’s month end and I have much to do.  So I thought I’d start this rainy day indoors with a little creative procrastination.  (shrug)

If your browser won’t play the video, [View it on Flickr]

I hope you enjoyed this brief diversion.  Have a Happy Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “A Rainy Day in the Mountains”

    1. Thank you very much Charles. Marie set me on this course my buying me a Sony Handycam and saying, learn to make cute movies of the dogs for Facebook.” As soon as they wake up I hope to catch them in all manner of cute antics.

  1. Great idea. ‘Tis a rainy dreary day up here in Canada today too, so my day is going to be similar to yours. Loved that haunting music!

    btw – did you know your “Random Thoughts” is not available as a Kindle Blog in Canada? We need such technology for passing the time in our Igloos you know!

    1. (sigh) Amazon… what’s a fellow to do? They have such strange rules about what they make available where. I’m sure there are good reasons for it somewhere – trade laws or something – but it can be frustrating.

      The music I used is actually the lead-in to Tim Flannery’s song Molly Brown. He is *just* about to start singing when my little video ends. I think its interesting that he is the former Major League Baseball player who spent eleven seasons with the San Diego Padres. Who knew he could sing!

      Thanks for speaking up, Bruce; I appreciate it!

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