I Can Can Apples

Summer is winding down and our canner is getting lots of use.  This time I planned to can the apples as pie filling for quick easy pies this fall, but that went amiss.

This is the first year since we moved in here that we had a decent apple harvest.  I’m pretty sure that has something to do with the 3” thick layer of wood chips I put around the base of the tree last fall.

This year I pulled a market basket full of apples off the tree.  This may have been a little early, but I didn’t want to wait until they were all wormy.  I put them in a big paper bag and let them finish ripening there.  I canned them up yesterday.

canned applesI got nine pints from that basket of apples.  Yes, I can count: one didn’t seal and it’s in the refrigerator.  I probably forgot to wipe the rim.  By the time I got to the canning run it was getting late and Marie would be home soon and I was rushing.

These are just plain apples, no seasoning or fancy stuff done to them.  I figure they’re more versatile that way.  That wasn’t my original plan, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

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