Calvin S. Metcalf on the Church    The word contagious often spreads fear among us as we think of some disease or illness that is easily transmitted from one person to another.  We worry every year during the flu season fearing that we will “catch” the ailment from some coughing victim.  We take multiple vaccines to immunizes ourselves against any number of contagious ailments.  We tend to associate the word “contagious” with that which is bad about us.  Mood swings, bad attitudes and personality flaws can create a negative disposition which can be terribly contagious.  We spread our emotional germs with critical conversation as we turn our backs on hurting humanity. 
     On the other hand, however, good things can be “catching” also.  Perhaps we ought to focus more upon the fact that there are positive things about us that can be contagious.  Is this not the whole idea of Christian fellowship?  We come together to expose ourselves to the spiritual energy of the group.  We “catch” our faith from one another.  Forgiveness and repentance are highly contagious in an atmosphere of grace.  Love is easily transmitted to one another when it reaches epidemic stage.  Character inspires character.  Commitment begets commitment.  Positive speech creates wholesome conversation.
     Church is a contagious fellowship where we are continually infecting one another for righteousness in the spirit of Jesus. Isn’t it encouraging to know that our best can be infectious?  Would it not be sad to discover that the only thing about us that is contagious is our germs?


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