Creepy Coincidence

When I came inside after all the yard work was done yesterday, I took off my hat and laid it next to the computer to post the results of our labors to Facebook.  Normally I don’t do that.  That is I don’t lay the hat by the computer, I post to Facebook quite a lot: it has become the defacto “keep-connected” avenue with almost all of my friends and relatives.  Normally I leave the hat near the door so I remember to put it back on when I go out.  It keeps my scalp from getting sunburnt and helps protect from flying insects and ticks.  Most of our property is wooded, ticks like to drop on warm blooded things from the trees.  A wide-brimmed hat also helps keep me dry in a light rain.
A Fedora is my hat of preference.  I wear a brown oiled cotton Fedora most of the time, and a straw version for yard work in the hottest part of the summer.  Not many people wear Fedora’s anymore, but I like this style best.
 coincidence 1
I opened up Facebook to post the final episode of our project and what popped up in the ad bar amazed me:
Coincidence 3Now, understand that I have NOT been searching for or looking at hats, much less a new Fedora.  If I had been, this would not be a coincidence but a programmed advertising ploy.
And I cannot say I’ve ever seen a hat come up in the ad bar before.  Shoes and Tee shirts all the time, but not hats.  Is it a wild coincidence that the one time I lay my hat next to the computer a hat very much like it comes up in the advertising results?
That’s just too spooky!

2 thoughts on “Creepy Coincidence”

  1. I’ve had one or two creepy coincidences as well. But I take comfort in the number of things that the “crawlers” get wrong. I am often the target of ads for… distinctly male products. Also sleep aids (I already sleep too much), cures for baldness (no need thus far) and million dollar homes (even if I could afford one, I’m too lazy to navigate 30 rooms on a daily basis).

    On a side note, I do enjoy going through my spam folder. Recently I was offered a business preposition. Fortunately, my larder of modifiers is well stocked.

    I always enjoy the sight of a man wearing an actual hat (rather than the ubiquitous baseball cap). 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping in Lisa, and I’m sorry to have taken so long. Somehow your comment slipped past me until just now when I tripped over it and wondered who left that laying here.
      I was mentally gearing up to scold you over the preposition, but then I see you did that on purpose. You’re a sly one!

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