My Dogography

Dog_Geek Greyhound

As a kid I was small and skinny. Too studious and too serious to be popular. So I devoted myself to learning all I could, to getting through school and getting on with life as soon as I could.


Dog_High Class

As a young man, I decided to get into business. I worked hard and applied myself so I’d move up the corporate ladder and be able to have all the things I wanted… 


Dog_Ralaxing on raft

…and would be able to retire early to a life of ease and luxury.



But “making it” in the corporate world meant doing things I was not comfortable with. It meant giving up some values that had been hardwired into me by my parents.


Dog_Where did we park

The usual path for pursuit of stuff and leisure was not for me. I tried to find a different path to the top, one that allowed me to retain my values. Blazing my own trail did not work out and I lost my way.


Dog_Need room-improvise

When I found my way again, I discovered that contentment comes from simplicity and the love of a few good people. To have a friend I must be a friend.


Dog_power of barking

I needed to learn where my power comes from. Realizing that I am not the center of my life allowed me to draw on that power. That power helped me to grow personally and professionally.



No, my life did not turn out as I envisioned it so long ago, but it’s all cool now. I’m happy at last.

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