Driving Through Life

sign, paths, directions, roads, which wayLife is like driving a car.  There are many, many things vying for your attention, some of them important, some of them best ignored. Knowing which is which is key.

Among the most important is the road ahead.  Look as far down it as you can and watch for signs of trouble.  By seeing a potential problem ahead of time you can slow down, look it over, and steer around it safely.

Watch for the signs and signals posted along the way.  They are there to guide you.  When you reach a cross-road, be alert for traffic which may not yield to you, and know which way you need to turn.  Driving around aimlessly is not likely to get you to your destination.

It is good to glance in the rear view mirror from time to time to keep tabs on what’s behind you, but don’t focus on it.  Becoming fixated on analyzing the past will only blind you to what’s ahead and cause a collision with something you could have easily avoided had you been paying attention.

God is the trustworthy traffic reporter hovering high above.  He sees all the roads and crossroads, knows where the trouble is and how to get around it.  Tune Him in and He’ll advise you on how to avoid the snarls and frustrations of life.  Tune Him out and you won’t know you’re heading for trouble until you’re caught up in it with no way around.

If you remain aware of what’s behind you, but focus on what’s ahead and stay open to advice from above, life will be much more simple and you’re more likely to arrive at your chosen destination safe and sound.

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