Facing Fear

Blondie Boomer Noises150205(2) 800x500Someone is getting in some target practice with what sounds like a civil war cannon.  As the BOOM rolls around the valley, Blondie goes nuts.  She is filled with fear by gun fire, thunder, firecrackers, cars back-firing … you get the idea.  When we encounter such things she attaches herself to me.  If I’m sitting at the table working she will shove her head into my arm pit and peer up at me, “Save me Dougie, save me!”

Blondie_Scared of gunfire-foot wort 800x500Today I’m working in the kitchen, so she’s a fear filled foot-wort.  Every time I have to shift position, she shifts too.  It’s kind of a pain.  But then I remember that I too have been dealing with some fear and self-doubt issues.

I decide that putting on a musical CD may mask the noise and help calm her.  I choose a The Mylon Hayes Family CD.  Several songs in, they sing The Voice of Truth, and it really speaks to me.

You may remember it as the theme song of Facing the Giants in which a losing coach with an underdog football team faces their giants of fear and failure on and off the field with surprising results.  This song encourages me, I encourage Blondie and in a while the gunfire ends.  You just have to hang tough and get through, but it helps to have someone you believe in to lean on.

(This song sounds much better on the CD.  There is a YouTube video of the original artists: Casting Crowns doing the song, but I don’t care for the buzzy electric guitars.  I’m old school.)

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