Getting Sirius About Creativity

My latest guest post is about Creativity and is on the Sirius Press Inc.’s Creative Flux  web site.  My contact there is Terre Britton.

Terre is co-author of The Four Orders, a four-book Sci-Fi/Thriller series that begins with life-altering discoveries and builds momentum towards our society’s self-actualization.  Terre is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator and has recently moved into the fields of Video and Motion Graphics. She holds a degree in History in Art with a minor in English and is a published Art Reviewer. We’ve been communication compadre’s for some time now as we help one another promote our books.

Please pop over and read Training Creativity; it’s a short post and I think you’ll find it entertaining and it has earned some accolades:

The Artist’s Road named it a Tweet of the Week
It was also listed as a Wisdom of the Writerdom tip of the week



10 thoughts on “Getting Sirius About Creativity”

  1. I’m honored by you, Allan, not only by this gem of an essay, or your continuous support of “Energetics,” but by your genuine and generous spirit. Many thanks, sir.

    1. (Blush) Thank *you* Terre.
      There is a saying:”If many people attempt to pull a sledge, but each goes his own way, the sledge will not move. But if all pull in the same direction, the sledge moves and the work is light.” If a group of us all put our small load on a sledge and pull it together, the task will get done and will be easier (and more fun) for the cooperation.

    1. I’m getting used to them… so it’s probably time for more changes! 🙁

      I have no use for the Activity tab, that’s just stalking! And when someone RTs things sometimes it’s in a window that does not allow me to thank them. That’s annoying. Most everything else is OK. It’s just finding where they hid it!

      Thanks for stopping in Mary, I appreciate it!

      1. I finally figured out how to thank the RT’rs. That was my chief complaint, too. You click on their name & go to their profile. There’s a box there to leave them a message. On the left hand side right under their photo.

        1. Yes, using the ‘Mention’ is a reliable fall back, unfortunately it is an ‘over the bridge and through the woods’ way to do it. And it lacks the elegance of replying to a message where you connect the two messages together so they can easily see why you’re thanking them. I’m sure they have their reason for trashing that ability on RTs, I just don’t see it.

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