Godly Growth

mustard tree fully grown
Photo credit: cccdailygear.blogspot.com

We are creatures created for growth.  This process starts at conception and continues throughout our lives.  Even when our bodies seem to be growing backwards; as we lose our hair and our bodies wither, our minds and our spiritual lives continue to grow and develop.

Christians are part of God’s growing process, His tools in perfecting and completing His creation.  The more we grow personally, the more useful we are to God.  A single mustard seed; one of the smallest seeds in nature, is of little use by itself but, if planted, the mustard plant that grows from it; the largest of all herbs, offers shelter to small creatures and will produce many more mustard seeds.  We can be like that seed if we choose well. 

We must allow God to work in us and through us according to His timetable and methods.  If we try to force situations into our itinerary we will spoil the process and may kill the seed we were entrusted to plant and nurture.

A tree is the work of God; a brush pile is the work of man. Although they are composed of the same materials, a tree is far more useful and it grows on its own.  A brush pile grows artificially by heaping more brush on top and is little use to anyone.

We are assured that if we sow and if we wait, we can anticipate a glorious harvest.  Even though we may not know how it all works, we are assured that it will happen.

How then will you grow spiritually; patiently seeking God’s will and eager to participate in organic growth like that of a tree, or by imposing your own methods upon creation, resulting in artificial growth like that of a brush pile?

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