Aaannd … it’s DONE!

DougFor the past … oh … year or so, I’ve been working on a garden upgrade project.  The entire thing has been chronicled on Grit Magazine’s web site (list of links below).  Feel free to click through to go read all about it.  Make sure you have a beverage handy.  And a sandwich. They can take a while to read through, but they’re chock full of tips and advice on doing this.

Mega Garden Box

Today, Julian the Boxer and I completed this project.

Well, almost.

I have to build a fancy-schmancy wooden gate to replace the temporary (fence panel) gate currently in use.  But other than that, it’s all done.  And I’m glad.

My Quality Control Inspector (and bee taster)

To celebrate, the puppers and I had a rare treat: a fried bologna and tomato sandwich — YUM!

Okay – *I* had a fried bologna and tomato sandwich, they divvied up a slice of “raw” bologna.  I didn’t hear any complaints about it not being fried.

Now that the wall and fence are complete, I will be able to keep those crawliflowers, rowdybeggas, brawlocci, tornups, sneak peas, swift corn, booger beans, and snapping peas inside the garden.  The beats will probably continue to make noise to cover the escape attempts of the others for a while, but I imagine in time it will all settle down and become like the garden of weedin.

(Thanks Mike!)

UPDATE!  Grit has changed their page lay-out to clean it up and the needed links from one article to the next are no longer there.  Here’s a menu of these articles:

  1. Garden Project 2016 — Part 1
  2. Garden Project 2016 -– Part 2
  3. Garden Project 2016 — Part 3
  4. Garden Project 2016 — Part 4
  5. Garden Project 2016 — Part 5
  6. Garden Project 2016 — Part 6
  7. Garden Project 2016-17 — Part 7

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