Little Lights in the Dark

little lights in the darkDo you think this thing has enough lights?  While almost unnoticable in the day, it really stands out in the dark.

That’s our network expander.  Its purpose is to bridge the gap between our network router (which is over in my workshop because that’s where the internet connection is) and the computers we use in our home.  It’s a device about the size of a deck of cards and plugs into a wall outlet for power.

Each light means something.  But remembering what means digging out the manual and reviewing the chart.  I remember that the left side reports on connection with the router over in the work shop and the right side reports on the connection with the computers connected via WiFi.  There is an Ethernet port too, that’s connected to our phone system via a cable.  Green lights are good, so all was well when I took this.  Each light can also turn yellow or red to indicate less than optimal (or horrible) connection status.  We’ve seen each of those at times.

Cochise likes to sleep in the den.  I think it’s because these lights remind him of a Christmas tree.  Especially when things aren’t connecting so well.

Sci-Fi Friday and the Furkids