Calvin S. Metcalf on amazable     A miracle is not a miracle until its source has been recognized and celebrated.  A beautiful sunset loses much of its splendor without a grasp of Who causes it to happen.  The dawning of a new day is a spectacular event for all who see the divine paintbrush at work.  Life is dull and routine if there is no awareness of God’s intervention in its particulars.  Every day is full of mystery and meaning.  The miraculous is as common as the explainable .  The journey of life is one of faith.  It requires us to see beyond the natural to the supernatural.  Most of life is lived in the context of that which we do not fully understand.  We simply trust the process observing much of which we consider is miraculous.
     What then is a miracle?  A miracle is any aspect of life that has God written all over it.  It is not only that which is humanly unexplainable.  It is that which has redemptive consequences for us.  It is outside our ability to achieve.  It is grace in motion as God’s power to perform is recognized.  A miracle is capable of many interpretations.  All of us do not see the same miracles.  They are individualized to minister to our unique circumstances.  We must not minimize each other’s miracles simply because we have a different interpretation to some event.  Surely it would be a form of blasphemy to ridicule that which another person feels is God’s involvement in his or her life.  
     We are blessed indeed when we can behold the hand of God at work in His world.  When the miracles of life leap out at us in unexpected moments, we can surely praise God for His unmistakable presence.  A miracle is not a miracle for us until we have some significant way to celebrate its occurrence.  We do not announce every miracle as though we have a more favored position with God.  A powerful personal miracle is a humbling experience and we savor the event only for God’s glory.   Sometimes it is a moment of grace for private interpretation only.  Then again it may be an occasion for others to join the celebration.  Let us be mindful of life’s miracles and find ways to share God’s power for God’s glory.

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