New W.I.P.:Feeding Your Dog

feeding time!Since I’ve started putting a dollop of home made bone broth on top of the dogs kibbles, excitement among our canine companions at feeding time has really ramped up!

This experiment is the first step in hands-on research for a new book on feeding dogs.  It will cover the full spectrum from commercial kibble (what to look for and watch out for) to home-cooked dog food, to raw diets.

Feeding the Plan

The plan is to offer it ONLY as a print book (no e-book version).  I haven’t decided whether it will be paperback or hard bound.  That depends a lot on how many words/pages it ends up being and whether I want to shoot for an inexpensive (a.k.a. NOT fancy) book as a quick reference or something more artistic and enduring.

The completed book will be available through CreateSpace/Amazon.  I also plan to make it available to rescues/shelters at my cost to sell at cover price as a fund raiser and education tool.  I do not plan to offer it to book stores.  Past experience with that sales channel has been supremely disappointing because I end up making about 60 cents on a $7.00 book and the volume just isn’t there to make that attractive at all.

All recipes included in the book will be tested in my kitchen and fed to my herd of 85 pound Guinea pigs for taste test approval.  They are excited by this prospect!


I’ve got a good start on the manuscript just by collecting the articles I’ve already written on this topic both here and for magazines.  I am doing more research (including picking the brain of my favorite veterinarian) and will complete the manuscript as I gain first-hand experience with each mode of feeding.

Yes: it takes longer that way, but simply regurgitating information gleaned from other sources can result in inaccuracies that could prove harmful.  Don’t want that!

Comments, thoughts, suggestions are welcome below.

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