Calvin S. Metcalf
Its a prayer of unity
that I lift to You this day, O Lord.
I pray for unity in our world
where conflicting nations have chosen war
as a means of settling their differences.
Give those who participate in such strife
a reasonable spirit
so that hostile guns may once again be silent.
I pray for unity in our country
as opposing politicians seek to blame one another
for our economic and social ailments.
Give those in authority a responsible disposition
toward the issues of our time.
May they turn their mental energies
toward solutions instead of accusations.
I pray for unity within our church,
as the lust for power is no respecter of institutions.
Give those who have a following
a sense of stewardship about their popularity.
May they humbly and responsibly
represent the cause of Christ.
Help us all to be cooperating Christians
in a body of believers who understand
that love will keep us strong.
I pray for a kind of unity where good people
have a right to disagree agreeably.
Help us to monitor our own feelings
in keeping with the spirit of Jesus.
Show us again and again
that publicans, fishermen, zealots,
and a variety of folk
can still function as disciples
of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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