Calvin S. Metcalf on the Church     Prejudice is a strange and powerful aspect of human ignorance.  It has thousands of cunning ways to create unbelievable barriers.  It thrives on the lack of information.  It grows in the midst of suspicion and innuendoes.  Prejudice does not need facts to give impetus to its horrid influence.  It is propelled by the false winds of irresponsible conversation.  It holds us in the grip of  an unbending legalism.   
     It is mostly out of fear that we suspect those who are not our kind.  We do not wait for truth when we want to believe the worst about those whom we dislike.  Prejudice keeps us in the dark even when the light of other people’s opinions are before us.  It is difficult for us to see beyond the color of skin, language barriers and any number of objectionable characteristics.  Truth that comes in an unfamiliar package is unacceptable.  Like Pharisees of old we cannot accept a Messiah who is different. 
     Even though we wish it were not so, we are all quite gullible to the Satanic devices of prejudice.  We are forever looking for those folk toward whom we can feel superior.  We cling tenaciously to those ideas and customs which give us security of thought and keep our traditions intact.   People and ideas which challenge us to think “outside the box” are found to be objectionable.  We simply cannot tolerate that which is different. 
     Religion is a most vulnerable prey of prejudice.  Jesus found it that way in His day and strongly rebuked the religious leaders for their narrow opinions.  He sought to redeem His people from established habit and give them the truth which would make them free.  The mind of Christ is our only hope against the power of prejudice.  His gospel is good news to everyone who is victimized by an unbending disposition.  His grace can paralyze our prejudice.

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