Recycle into Planters for a Super Summer Spruce-up

As spring swings into summer many are beautifying their yards with flowers. Some can be planted directly in the ground, others – for a variety of reasons – are best in planters. Commercially made pots serve this purpose but so, also, can a variety of other items that would otherwise be considered refuse. Let’s look at a few things that can be re-purposed into unique and decorative planters.

Tires as Planters

Old tires can be used as-is and laid out on the ground or hung on a wall, filled with dirt and planted in or they can be painted, or they can be turned into fancy planters with a little elbow grease and a sharp knife or reciprocating saw.

Planter-Tires-hanging_Pinterest Planter-Tire_Naturalearning_org Planter-Tire Plantercue_net Planter-Tire _elegant_ShoestringPavilion_blogspot_com

Rims can also be used. Line a rim with weed fabric or a fiber hanging planter liner and fill that with soil. They can be used au-natural, painted or covered with a mosaic pattern for a spiffy planter.

Planter-Rim legs_Pinterest Planter-Rim-mosaic_Pinterest


Shoes, boots and galoshes are commonly seen repurposed as planters but with a little ingenuity one can use pants as well! How about an old fedora?

Planter-old shoes_lushome_com Planter-old boot_lushome_com Planter-Pants


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