calendar, planning, routineThey say that human beings (most living things really) are creatures of habit. I know a few people who claim they hate being locked into a routine and would much prefer to live spontaneous and free. Perhaps they’re exceptions to the rule; perhaps they’re only fooling themselves regarding the construction of their lives. As for me: I like routine. An established routine is like a warm blanket that gives me security by knowing where I will be and what I will be doing. Normally. Life is never quite that simple. Perhaps if I were an inmate in a prison, but in life as a free citizen: stuff happens.  

Marie and I have a standing arrangement for breakfast: I cook something fancier than normal on Wednesdays and Saturdays (this usually involves eggs), Marie cooks pancakes, French toast or similar on Sunday. The rest of the days we have oatmeal or grits or something easy to fix like that. What gets prepared is up to the cook of the day.

I have, for as long as I can remember, been an early riser and I tend to use those quiet early morning moments for things that require my utmost concentration. Some days I wake up with a bucket-full of prose sloshing around in my brain and I must immediately hang my hands over a computer keyboard and allow those words to drip off my fingers to be sopped up by the device for permanent storage. Most days I engage in a bible study and prayer. This is much easier to do and effective if done while all the other living creatures of the house are sound asleep. Normally I finish in an hour and hop on the computer for an hour before it is time to start whatever breakfast we were having — except on Sunday when Marie cooks.

This morning I am up as is my routine: around 4:00, and settle in to do my studying. Next thing I know, Marie is coming down the hallway. Lately my studies have been running long: often I’m not done when Marie gets up around 6:00. So it was today and I lay my books aside to clear the table for breakfast. Marie goes to get dressed and I get out the eggs and bacon. Marie returns just as I’m finishing up and ready to serve. As she enters she says, “Smells good!” then she slides up behind me and whispers in my ear, “You do know it’s Tuesday?”


That is what comes of not getting on the computer to see my reminders, updates and calendar. We hung a paper calendar on the refrigerator; maybe that will help!

What about you: do you like having a routine to provide your days with some structure or do you prefer to fly by the set of your pants? If you like routine, what tools do you use to help keep yourself organized and where you need to be when you need to be there? Maybe you can teach this old Doug some new tricks!

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