A Christmas Message

I first saw this Christmas video a year ago – or almost the same; they’ve updated it some.  I remember being impressed with this mostly because of it’s wonderful Christmas message but also because Becky Kelley and her family live in St. Louis, very near where Marie and I used to live before we came here.  Her father arranged the music and played the piano and her bother did all the video work and composition – at least on the original.  We used to shop in the mall where those scenes were shot.  I think it’s particularly relevant right now. Continue reading “A Christmas Message”

SECRET HIDEAWAY – Mental Withdrawal

The current scheduled post falls on a Sunday, and that means it’s a “Spiritual Sunday” post.  I’ve invited my friend; retired pastor Dr. Calvin Metcalf to offer something enlightening.  I think this is a message a lot of us can use right now.

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 Dr. Calvin MetcalfThere is a lonely place to which hurting people sometimes go.  It is called “withdrawal.”  They go thinking they have found a safe haven from their woes.  They wrap themselves in an emotional cocoon as a cushion against their pain.  They internalize their grief and often get locked into a rut of only one way of thinking.  Their imaginations play tricks on them as they lose touch with reality.  Many times withdrawal causes folk to lash out at those who love them most and could care for them best.  It is not easy dealing with life’s complications, but retreating within oneself does not make it easier.  People who turn inward to lick their own wounds have a limited source of healing. Continue reading “SECRET HIDEAWAY – Mental Withdrawal”

Who Is Really Poor

And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.

2 Corinthians 9:8 NLT

Plow Work

Dr. Roy L. Laurin tells of a Christian businessman who was traveling in Korea. In a field by the side of the road was a young man pulling a crude plow while an old man held the handles. The businessman was amused and took a snapshot of the scene. “That is curious! I suppose these people are very poor,” he said to the missionary who was interpreter and guide to the party.

“Yes,” was the quiet reply, “these two men happen to be Christians. When their church was being built, they were so eager to give something toward it, but they had no money. So they decided to sell their one and only ox and give the proceeds to the church. This spring they are pulling the plow themselves.” Continue reading “Who Is Really Poor”

Remembering 9/11: The Largest Boat Rescue Ever

The video below impressed me not only by the actions of civilian boaters but especially by the numbers of people rescued and the short time it took. It’s a great example of people helping people, and it is quite timely as we remember 9/11.

The largest sea evacuation in history; carried out primarily with civilian boats, without any preparation or practice, simply because there was a need. The previous record holder was the evacuation of Dunkirk, where 39,000 soldiers were rescued over a period of 9 days.  The 9/11 evacuation rescued almost 500,000 people in less than 9 HOURS. Enjoy

If the embed does not work, click here: to view on YouTube

Moment of Truth

Hurt, resentment and a bit of anger welled up from my heart and swirled around my brain stem begging to be vocalized and hurled at my unsuspecting wife.  Not long ago I would have opened my mouth and given release to them, but years of training were finally paying off and caused my jaw muscles to clench for a moment while I reviewed the situation.  What had actually just happened?  Is this response appropriate?

It began a few minutes earlier that bright sunny, Sunday morning.  My wife; Marie, and I got into the truck to go to church.  I turned the key, fully expecting to hear the familiar quick rowr-rowr-rowr of the starter motor turning over the engine followed by the purr of combustion indicating a successful start.  Instead all we heard was the rapid metallic fluttering of a solenoid failing to engage.  I knew that sound all too well. Continue reading “Moment of Truth”