Interview like a Pro: Think like a Shrink

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My writerly background is primarily non-fiction and journalism.  As such, I’ve done a lot of interviews.  Along this journey I’ve learned a few tricks: one is to approach an interview as a therapist would approach a patient.

In college I took some psychology classes: not to become a therapist but to learn what makes people tick.  These classes helped a great deal in this regard and in dealing with people in general.

I found this particularly helpful while I was working with a Smoky Mountain Visitors Guide, for which I was interviewing a different Smoky Mountains region artist each month.  The articles were full-page spreads and needed to be in depth and interesting.  Artists *can* be kind of high-strung.  Here are a few of the tricks I developed.    Continue reading “Interview like a Pro: Think like a Shrink”

My Interview with Brigitte Thompson

InterviewJust a quick notice that the interview conducted by author, blogger, and CPA Brigitte Thompson has been posted at Writers in Business.  Please pop in and say “Hi.”  Read this great interview.

Many thanks to Brigitte for taking the time to conduct this interview and for her contributions to The Write Stuff during the Month of March as she shares her financial expertise with all of us.

Brigitte shares her tax tips and record keeping wisdom with writers in her newest title, Bookkeeping Basics for Freelance Writers.